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Project Description
“Global Studio is a place-based action research program where international professionals, academics, and students come together with local universities, local government, NGOs, and CBOs to collaborate with disadvantaged communities”. (


The Inclusive City Centre studio focused on short, medium and long term projects. ‘We are Bhopal’ was a short term festival that engaged and consulted the community in the development of new and proposed masterplan concepts through the support of local arts collectives, community leaders and businesses. The long term proposal, a city masterplan revolved around uniting the old city, new city and waterfront through a network of public spaces, (including ‘green’ spaces) and public transport networks. It was envisaged that a medium term proposal for a Community Consultation Centre would assist the community develop projects that would incrementally contribute to the masterplan.


Images present selected Studio 2 presentation slides.


Project Involvement
Strategic direction; Site analysis, community consultation and data collection for masterplan proposals; Masterplan development; Festival organising committee.

Global Studio 2012

Bhopal, India

Studio 2 - Inclusive City Centre. Participatory Planning and Masterplanning.

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