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Project Description

The brief asked for a initial masterplan to be developed and phase 1 implementation of a duplex lodge for stays up to a few months in duration. The masterplan includes 12 duplex forest lodge dwellings and a series of communal buildings and outdoor spaces.


It is intended that the retreat will complement the activities of an existing meditation centre on site and engage medium to long term visitors through a holistic lifestyle encompassing aspects of food and spirituality. 


The natural beauty and productive capacity of the 18 acre site have been considered, including the need to preserve and maintain the forest landscape, a lodge design concept responding to natural features (views and mountain terrain) and client lifestyle considerations, utilisation and management of streams and a fresh water spring.


Social dimensions include the re-housing of families responsible for tending the land from substandard dwellings, and the future development of the existing meditation centre, located at a higher position on the site. 


Minimal environmental impact is intended through waste, water, food and energy management including solar electricity for all dwellings, vegetable gardens, biogas production through processing food scraps, water for gardening and toilet flushing from streams, and fresh drinking water from the spring. 


Images present design development renderings for the phase 1 duplex lodge prototype.

Mountain Retreat Eco Retreat.

Galagedera, Sri Lanka.


Eco-retreat masterplanning & phase 1 duplex prototype.


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